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Neora: Where Beautiful Skincare Lives

For more than 300 years people have said that beauty is only skin deep. If that is true, then the assumption that as the outer layer of your skin changes over time, the appearance of beauty fades. Nothing could be farther from the truth because our skin is our largest organ. Yes, it does continuously regenerate, but it is not true that your beauty will not remain. With a good daily skincare routine, you can leave the ageing process to others.

There is another saying that beauty is as beauty does. And, with the outstanding Neora skincare products provided by Anti Ageing Skin Care, beautiful skin is not only what you get, but what you can retain. But, using top of the line Neora products is only half of the beautiful skincare equation. Knowing how to apply the products is the second half. And, it is that second half, the proper application, which we’re going to discuss today.


Pat On, Then Rub In

Just about every skincare product tells you to rub the lotion in until absorbed. However, if the rubbing action is too aggressive, it can actually harm the delicate skin cells of your eyes, face, and throat. A far more effective method is to gently pat the lotion, cream, or serum on the targeted area first. Then, gently spread the lotion, using a small circular patting motion, over the targeted area until it is absorbed.

For example, here’s how to apply the Neora Optimera Formula Night Cream:


Which Fingers to Use?

The best approach when applying moisturising and firming products on your face and throat areas is to only use the middle two fingers. Most people don’t realise how rough the tips of their index fingers have become after years of using writing implements and eating utensils. A roughened fingertip can be abrasive when touching sensitive skin areas, especially when cleansing or applying skincare products. Unless someone is playing a musical instrument that requires hardened fingertips, the tips of the middle fingers are softer and will not damage delicate skin tissue.

Before and After Using Neora


Effective Application Motions

Again, most beauty products tell you to “apply” a product to a targeted facial or throat area without telling you exactly what motion to use during the application. Here are some tried-and-true application motions for the most effective results when applying your Neora products. Please note that it is also helpful to allow your products to dry before applying your foundation or other makeup products.

  1. Eye Area: Apply one drop of the Neora eye serum to the tip of your middle fingers and gently pat around the eye area, from the outer edge to the inner edge, both under your eyes and on the eyelids.
  2. Nose: Apply one dab of facial lotion to the tips of your middle fingers and gently pat, in an upward motion, from the base of your nose along the outer edges up to the ridge between your eyes.
  3. Forehead: Apply one or two drops of facial lotion to the tips of your middle fingers and gently pat, in small circular motions, from the center of your forehead outward to your beginning of your hairline, and then downward to the outer corners of your eyes.
  4. Lip and Jaw Lines: Apply one drop of facial lotion to the tips of your middle fingers and, starting at the middle point of your upper lip, gently pat in an outward motion to the corners of your mouth and then along the underline of your lower lip and along your jaw line.
  5. Lower Face and Cheeks: Apply two or three drops of facial lotion to the tips of your middle fingers and gently pat in an upward, small circular motion from the chin line to above the cheeks, stopping at the under eye area.
  6. Throat: Apply two or three drops of lotion to the tips of your middle fingers and gently massage into the skin, starting that the small V at the base of your throat upward and outward to reach your chin line and the area behind your ears.

You don’t want to over saturate your skin and need to wipe off excess lotions, but you do want your skin to absorb the product. This means that when applying Neora facial products, you only need a small amount of lotion or serum to gain the most benefits, and to see for yourself that Neora is truly the product line where beautiful skincare lives.