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Nerium night day and body contour

Night Cream, Day Cream & Body Contour Cream (Combo Pack)


This trio are Neora’s most popular skin care products. Luxurious, vibrant skin creams that perform in a complex manner that moisturises, plumps and hydrates where needed, strengthens loose skin, evens out your complexion, reduces sun damage, and restores elasticity and a youthful glow from the top of your face down to your feet. Advanced science and dermatology blends make these three favourite Neora products ideal for all skin types and for both sexes. Each product in this combo pack contains a full size, 30 day supply.

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Get a Night Cream, Day Cream & Body Contour Cream (1 of Each)

Neora AgeIQ Day and AgeIQ Night Creams contain our exclusive Optimera Formula that specifically works on rescuing and restoring your skin’s youthful radiance and vitality. Both products, when used daily, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, sooth the imperfections of sun damage, rosacea, and rashes, even out complex skin tones, and replenish your skin’s collagen and elasticity for tighter and smoother skin surfaces.
Neora Firming Body Contour Cream features our exclusive Optimera Formula that contains a superior blend of essential ingredients to recapture your body’s youthful skin tone and flawless texture. This lightweight body cream nourishes and tightens those body areas affected by damage from free radicals and the premature signs of ageing. This overall body cream restores essential collagen for smoother, softer, brighter, and younger looking skin.


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How Do You Use This Night Cream, Day Cream, Body Contour Cream (1 of Each)?

Neora AgeIQ Night CreamNeora AgeIQ Night Cream

After thoroughly cleansing skin, apply 2-4 pumps of product to face and neck. Apply to slightly damp skin for optimal absorption. Rinse the skin morning following usage.


Neora AgeIQ Day CreamNeora AgeIQ Day Cream (Optimera Formula)

After cleansing skin, apply 4 pumps to face and neck. Use once each morning. Day Cream may be applied throughout the day and to other body areas as a moisturiser.


Neora Body Contour CreamFirming Body Contour Cream (Optimera Formula)

Massage a small amount of product into each targeted area in a circular motion for a minimum of 20 seconds or until fully absorbed. To maximise results, use twice a day after a warm shower and before bedtime.


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