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The Science Behind Neora

Science Behind Neora ProductsNeora Anti-Ageing Skin Care products was introduced to the public a short 5 years ago. But, there were over 10 years of extensive research, development, and science involved in the final formulation behind the products. Studies were performed at a number of universities and in science laboratories. Neora took those results and commissioned independent third party testing for product safety and effectiveness to be studied at several clinical facilities. State of the art scanning equipment was also used to determine the amount of improvements in the skin appearance of trial participants. The final results were all thumbs up.

In addition to prior studies, Neora pledges to bring the very best product to the public that is humanly possible. This translates into on-going research and studies which will enable Neora to incorporate the results into new and innovative formula components that will further improve upon their already outstanding products.

Proven Scientific Studies

Each component within the Neora formulation has a documented biological and dermatology approved foundation. Those components are:

The health and allergy safety features in Neora are that the products must be gluten free, paraben free, and non-comedogenic, which means that they will not clog the pores.


Additional Information

Neora in Inc 500Beyond the science behind Neora is a list of positive reviews and articles that have appeared in sports and fitness magazines, health and wellness magazines, science and technology magazines, business magazines, celebrity magazines, and prominent newspapers.

While there have been neutral reviews by a number of plastic surgeons, there has not been one review that denies the benefits of Neora. Plastic surgeons taut that the only way to permanently alter skin imperfections is with surgery. That may, indeed, be an initial, drastic solution for some people, the costs can range from $5,000 upwards to $50,000 per procedures. And, after the surgery, the people still have to maintain that new appearance with daily skin care to ensure that there is no reversal of the procedures. Typically, plastic surgeons will recommend their own brand of special skin care products that can cost an enormous amount of money.

The point here is, why spend thousands of dollars only to still need daily skin care? Neora is a real, natural way for people to obtain positive results without emptying out their savings accounts. For example, the range is much cheaper than comparable products on The proof of Neora’s effectiveness is evidenced by the ever growing demand from the public for the products.

Bottom Line

The products are natural, the products are real, and the products provide the promised results. Science does not lie and neither does the proven results. Neora is great anti-ageing line of products that will help people of all ages and sexes.

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