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The Top 5 Benefits of a Regular Skin Care Routine

How Important is Your Skin?

The outer layer of your skin is the body’s largest organ and it serves as a barrier between your internal structure and all of the external, natural and artificial, environmental hazards. The average adult has approximately 1.7 square meters of skin that is exposed to both indoor and outdoor elements on a daily basis. And, this outer layer of skin regenerates itself every day. That means nearly 50,000 skin cells die off and another 50,000 skin cells are renewed every 24 hours.

Without getting deep into the details, your skin is composed of three distinct layers, and each layer has subsets and functions. The outer layer is the epidermis, the layer beneath this is the dermis, and the innermost layer is the subcutaneous tissue. Now, the interesting part here is that you can personally affect the healthy condition of the outer layer, the epidermis, by maintaining a regular skin care routine that can influence the developing middle layer, the dermis.

The end result of a dedicated, daily skin care routine that uses proven age defying products that are both effective and safe, is the visible, glowing, smooth, and beautiful skin tone you see in the mirror. But, remaining on a regular skin care program is empowering when you know exactly how beneficial your routine can be today, tomorrow, and into the future.

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Top 5 Skin Care Benefits:

For the purposes of this blog, and rather than experiment with dozens of different products that may contain harsh ingredients, I’ve examined the proven skin care benefits achieved by both men and women when using the Neora line of body products, twice daily as recommended. In particular, some products were developed exclusively for facial skin care while others were designed to benefit all over body skin care.

  1. Firmer, Smoother, and More Even Facial Skin Texture
  2. Soothed and Corrected Facial Imperfections due to Blemishes, Hyper-pigmentation, Sun Damage, and Rosacea
  3. Diminished Facial Pores, Fine Lines, Dark Under-Eye Circles, and Wrinkles
  4. Restored Youthful Facial Collagen Hydration, Elasticity and Brightness
  5. Full Body Reduction of Cellulite, Sagging Skin, and Loose, Crepe-like Appearance on Arms, Legs, Hands, Chest, Chin and Neck Areas

Yes, these are the top five outstanding benefits to be gained from establishing and keeping a regular skin care routine. But, what if there is another superior benefit to be gained from using skin friendly creams and lotions that are rich in hydration values? Well, there is another benefit that will come from the skin that you cannot see today, but will be on the surface in a few days or weeks. The skin penetrating benefits to be gained from using these products is the effects on the developing middle skin layer. As this second skin layer, the dermis, becomes the outer skin layer, the epidermis, it has already been positively influenced by your daily skin care routine and it emerges with an amazing age defying, already corrected, youthful tone and invigorated appearance.

Wow, your daily skin care program will certainly prove that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Now, go smile at that fabulous body in the mirror.